Mombasa Yacht Club has dinghy racing for the Monthly Mug every Wednesday on B handicap (1st start 16:57, 2nd start 17:00 & 3rd start 17:03) & this lasts for about one hour & is followed by a social evening with supper at 8pm.   On Sundays a Cup Race is held according to the Race Programme (1st start 14:25,  2nd start 14:35 & 3rd start 14:40).  The main class comprises about ten Lasers, but we also have four Osprey’s,  three 420’s, one Laser 2,  three Bosun’s & five Toppers.  Crew berths are sometimes available, but please ring, or  email, the Sailing Secretary a day or two in advance & she will try to arrange a berth for you.  The race is about 2 hours long & a social tea & cakes is enjoyed by all afterwards, before the sailors go home.

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