Each class of racing dinghy has a fixed ”A” Handicap, which applies to all ”A” Handicap Races, so the first boat over the finishing line wins, which in turn means the best sailor wins.  To even things out & give our less experienced & senior sailors a chance to win, about half our races are sailed on personal ”B” handicaps, which are allocated to each sailor in the Club & can be up to a maximum of 15% above or below the ”A” Handicap.   A ”B” Handicap review is carried out every 2 months using the figures in the ”Result B” column for each individual Race (whether sailed on A or B handicap), so as a sailor improves his/her B handicap goes down to reflect their improved sailing ability, or vice versa.  Those sailors who sail more than one class of dinghy are given different B handicaps for each class.

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