Download a brochure for Sail Training here.

1.1 General

Mombasa Yacht Club wishes to promote sailing at the Club by providing training at the Club for young people. The Club has suitable boats and experienced sailors who will provide such training which will be arranged in modules of 3 months.

1.2 Cadet Membership

The Club’s Rules require that all persons using the Club’s facilities shall be Members of the Club and the Cadet class of Membership is appropriate for young people leaving to sail.

The normal procedure for election as a Cadet Member is as follows:

a) The prospective Cadet shall be proposed as a candidate by one existing Member and seconded by another. If the Cadet doesn’t know any existing Members the Club will arrange for a suitable proposer and seconder to be found.

b) The Entry Fee for Cadet Membership is a one off payment of KSh 3,000 and an Annual Subscription of KSh 2,000 and once the candidate has been accepted the Annual Subscription of KSh 2,000 becomes payable. The candidate may then use the Club’s facilities legally.

c) After 3 months the candidate may be elected as a Cadet and, the KSh 3,000 entrance fee is then payable. The candidate then becomes a full Cadet Member of the Club.

As soon as he or she is accepted as a candidate he or she may use the Club’s facilities, including the swimming pool, on days when sail training is given. Food and drinks may be purchased from the Club by cash payments.

If at any time in the initial 3 month period the candidate wishes to withdraw his or her application then the Entry Fee will not be paid but the KSh 2,000 Annual Subscription is not refundable.

1.3 Cost of training

The maintenance of the Club’s boats is an ongoing expense to the Club and trainees are required to pay in advance a nominal charge of KSh 2,000 for every three month’s training or KSh 200 per weekly session. This charge includes the use of life jacket buoyancy aids owned by the Club.

The following notes are intended for the information and guidance of potential Cadets.