The Navy was in town – sailing results for 13th November

On a mild but bright Sunday afternoon MYC hosted the Triumph Pint teams challenge against the visiting sailors from HMS Echo.  The Navy fielded a team of 5 against MYC’s finest.  The format was teams of 2 Laser standard rig and 420, racing 4 heats over the waters immediately in front of the Club.  The course elegantly described by the Navy as an egg-timer was set with Club start on a work to Likoni on starboard roundings against an incoming tide and run down to Liwatoni, Peleleza and Club finish all on port roundings.   Wind was from nor ‘East,  5-10knots at best and swinging to East mildly as afternoon progressed to almost a drifter on race 4.

David Mackay and Brian Emmott on Lasers and teddy Ndaro helming a 420 with John Koyiet and Martin nelson crewing for 2 races each.  The Navy fielded Rick Watsham and Mark Taylor on Laser with Martyn Dewhurst, Rebecca Burghall and Mark Butcher on the 420.

MYC won races 1,2 and 4 and overall on the day, but the Navy team was best boat on the day with Rick Watsham on 5.25 points sailing Tern (90) with 3 wins and a 3rd, against Dave Mackay on 6.75 with 3 second and a 1st.  Followed by Brian for MYC, Mark Taylor (Navy), teddy Ndaro and the Navy’s 420.

Thanks to Martin Nelson and Chris Soper for the loan of their Lasers to host the Navy.  The start and finish was hectic with these 4 races overlapping the 3 short race series for the One Design trophy.  A big thank you to Jacob for starting 7 races on time without delay and recording all the finishes.  All in all the afternoon went smoothly – first start at 15:00 and last boat finishing Race 4 at 17:47.  The trophy was presented by the Commodore and accepted on behalf of MYC by David Mackay.  Rick Watsham presented MYC with a plaque to honour the occasion and to thank the club for making them feel so welcome during the brief week they were in town.  They hope to back in port in April so we can look forward to a boost to sailing numbers and the bar being well supported again – thanks guys for being so generous with your hard earned cash.

It was also good to see several of our new social members down enjoying Sunday lunch and the afternoon sailing.

In case anyone missed HMS Echo which berthed up the harbour form the club in Liwatoni the following is off a Navy website.
Welcome to the HMS Echo web site. We are the first of two Multi-role Survey Vessels (Hydrographic/Oceanographic (SVHOs)) built by Appledore ship builders in North Devon under the prime contractor Vosper Thorneycroft Ltd. The ship is 90.6m long with a displacement of 3,470 tonnes and is capable of 15 knots..
HMS Echo was launched on 2 March 2002 and named by Lady Haddacks in Appledore on 4 March the same year. She was accepted into service on 4 October 2002 and commissioned on 7 March 2003. The name HMS Echo has had a long and distinguished career with battle honours ranging from Quebec in 1759 to the Malta Convoys in 1942. The ships motto is “Marte et Arte” (By Mars and Art) and our affiliated town is Taunton.


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