End of January 2013

Dear Members,

A very happy New Year to those of you I have not met at the Club. There are 2 issues I would like to raise in this newsletter.


Kalama, our new cook specialising in Indian dishes & your Entertainment Committee led by Farah Khan are making a special effort over the next 4 weeks to offer you a choice of 4 different Indian buffet food menu’s of a high standard. They will be served on successive Sundays from 12.30pm onwards starting next Sunday 10th Feb at the swimming pool. The 2nd menu will be on Sun 17th, the 3rd on Sun 24th & the 4th will be on Sun 3rd March. Our wish is that you will come with your family & friends to enjoy an afternoon in the beautiful gardens around the pool with fine Indian food & entertainment for your children. We would ask you to make suggestions to Kalama for any changes after you have eaten, so that changes can be made before we finalise our new menu’s, which will include more Indian dishes & be introduced next month. The price will be shs 1,000/= for adults & shs 500/= for children under 12 for all the 4 menu’s & the 1st menu for this Sunday is shown below. Barak, our Animator will be present to entertain the children & act as a Life Guard, so you can relax & enjoy the afternoon.

Menu# 1
Maru Bhajiya
Vegetable Samosa
Main Course
Zeera Chicken
Dry Masala Lamb Chops
Mixed Dal
Tava Fry Bharva Bhindi (Masala Stuffed Stir Fry Lady(okra) Fingers On Tava)
Peas Pulao (Rice With Green Peas)
Kachumbari+Poppadum And Pickle+Chutney
Gulab Jamuns


Your Committee has been discussing how best to cover the increased running costs of the Club this year & we would like to hear your opinions by email to the Commodore to mombasayc@gmail.com please. We feel that it is unfair to have an increase in subscriptions for all members, as this will penalise our many Non-resident members, many of whom live overseas & never use our facilities, but remain members out of loyalty to the Club. It will also drive away our Corporate members, who pay their subscriptions as a gift to their employees & generally only come to the Club for lunch. The main issues to be considered are as follows:

a) All the donations from members in 2011 were used to re-habilitate the Club buildings & the profit we made in 2012 was spent on making improvements for the benefit of those members using the Club. These were re-tiling the swimming pool, building the new terrace outside the Clubhouse, partially repairing the Club sailing boats & generally improving the garden areas, amongst many other things.

b) Please note that we had to double our staff in 2012 & staff salaries will absorb all the members subscriptions in 2013.

c) We now have a fine Club in good condition, but we still have one important project outstanding. This is the Card payment system, which is required to reduce the large amount of cash handled in the Club & to prevent bad debts. This system will cost in the region of shs 1 million & needs to be raised by the end of 2013.

The conclusion of your Committee was that the fairest solution would be to introduce a monthly ”Facilities Fee” of shs 250/= for Single Ordinary & Social Members & shs 500/= for Family Ordinary & Social members (but excluding Non-Resident & Corporate Members) with effect from 1st March this year. This income will cover the cost of running the swimming pool, maintaining the gardens, paying for DSTV & also make a small contribution towards sailing & the other amenities we provide & will in turn allow the monthly profits to be set aside for the purchase of the Card payment system later this year. It will be tight, but I think we can do it providing the Club continues to make a profit each month & to achieve this we need you, our members, to both support & use the Club more please.

In the spirit of our new Democracy I shall discuss each of your alternative proposals with our Committee members & reply to you individually. Then at the end of this month I will summarise all the proposals in another Newsletter to you all & let you know if there is sufficient support for an alternative course of action.

Your sincerely,


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