End of March 2013

Dear Members,

1.       In my last newsletter I stated that the 15% increase in subscriptions approved by the General Committee would take effect from 1st March 2013.  This was a mistake as the start date should have been at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of this year, which is of course the 1st April 2013.  My apologies for that.

2.       I am pleased to inform you that since 1st January this year, when the payment of subs was changed to 3 months in advance for all Resident Members, the cash flow of the Club has greatly improved & we have been able to keep up our monthly payments for the tiling of the swimming pool, the new Terrace & the new outboard motor for the Rescue Boat.  However, it is disappointing to see that a few members have still not paid their subs for the first quarter of this year & I would urge them to settle their accounts immediately to avoid payment of the 15% interest per month with effect from 1st April, which will be quickly followed by ‘’Posting’’ of their names on the Club Notice Board as defaulters on the 10th April, after which they will cease to be members of the Club.  Enquiries about the status of your account can be made by email to mombasayc@gmail.com , or you can phone the Club on 0729 396563 between 2-4pm on any working day & ask to speak to Stella our Accountant.

3.       QUIGGIN NIGHT – This dinner is normally held in the evening on the nearest Wednesday to Pat Quiggins birthday in the first half of March each year, but this year it had to be postponed because of the election & a new date of Wed 17th April has been set, which please put in your diary.  For those new members who have not yet attended a Quiggin Night, it is a very popular & enjoyable evening when the Trust Fund set up by Pat Quiggin many years ago pays for every member of the Club to have a fine dinner (including free drinks except for spirits), to remember Pat’s birthday.  I will circulate a menu nearer the time.

4.      It is very satisfying to see our lawns starting to flourish again as the Kusi wind brings us the first rain of the season & we intend to make a lot of improvements in the gardens over the next few months to beautify the Club.  We hope to get the fresh water re-connected by the Municipality shortly & this will supply both the kitchen & the new 20,000 litre underground water storage tank we intend to start building in July, which will enable us to maintain the lawns, gardens & the pool in good condition during the next dry season.

5.      On the sailing side the Club boats are being continuously improved & the number of sailors is gradually increasing & reducing in age, which has to be a good sign !!.

6.      It has been pointed out that a number of members are still not showering & removing skin oils with soap before swimming in the pool, resulting in an oily film on the surface of the water.  This is a matter of personal hygiene, so could I please request that all you swimmers get together & agree on a way of ensuring that a few selfish people do not spoil the pool for the majority.

7.       I always like to end on a positive note & wish to inform you that I have received many compliments about the excellent food & service provided by our hard working staff, which is very encouraging, so please show your appreciation to them whenever you can.  If you do have any suggestions, or complaints about any of the services provided by the Club, please email us at mombasayc@gmail.com & you will receive a prompt response.


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