Quiggin Night April 17th 2013

Dear Members,


Our older members will remember Pat Quiggin with great affection.  He was a popular & active member of the Club for many years until he died in 1992,  having lived in Mombasa for 60 years.   We are all reminded of him every year because he very  generously left the Club some Kenya Breweries shares in his Will & asked us to use the dividends to celebrate  his birthday each year by giving a free dinner & drinks to all the members of the Club.  Traditionally the dinner is held on the closest Wednesday to his Birthday on 6th March, however this year we had to delay the event because of the election.  I am now pleased to inform you that the dinner will take place on Wed 17th April & our Cooks have prepared a superb meal for you.  The menu is attached & caters for all tastes including our Vegetarians.  Please note that Guests are required to pay shs 2,500/- for adults & shs 1,000/= for children under 12, which includes drinks.

Now that the Club has almost 300 members we need to be better organised for large functions.  Please help us by pre-booking tables in advance, so that your table can be reserved & set up for the right number of people on the night.  To do this we need to know how many Adult Members, Members Children, Adult Guests & Guests Children under 12 you want to sit at your table.  Please also bring the correct change to pay for your Guests to avoid delays.

All Members are requested to bring their Membership Cards & everybody, including those who have not yet been issued with Cards, or have lost them, will be checked against the current Members List at the door.  Any Member who has an overdue account will be asked to settle it before a booking is accepted, so if you are in any doubt please check that you are paid up when you make your booking to avoid any embarrassment on the night.

You can book a table in one of the following ways.

1.      By filling in the form on the Club Notice Board.

2.       By sending an email to the Manager at mombasayc@gmail.com .

3.      By ringing the Duty Manager on 0729 396563 during office hours & asking either Eric or Christine to put your booking on the Club Notice Board for you.

Please note we cannot guarantee that you will get a table, or a meal, if you do not book in advance.


I am very pleased to inform you that since 1st January this year, when the payment of subs was changed to 3 months in advance for all Resident Members, the cash flow of the Club has greatly improved & we have been able to keep up our monthly payments to the Contractor Kuldip Singh Soar, who is one of our members & a great supporter of the Club.  Not only did he do a really great job, but he also gave us 9 months to pay for the tilling of the swimming pool & building the new Terrace.  Thank you Kuldip.

It is very disappointing to see that quite a number of members still have unpaid debts from 2012 & others have still not paid their subs for the first quarter of this year.  These debts amount to approximately shs 600,000/= & I am sure you will understand that our small Club cannot sustain such losses.  We have therefore decided to take firm action under the Rules of the Club against these defaulters & they have all been sent reminders, followed by demand letters by email & post last month & told that if they do not pay up by mid April they will be Posted as Defaulters on the Club Notice Board & cease to be members of the Club.   If you have been overseas & unable to pay your account we will be flexible, but if you think your account is overdue please immediately contact the Club by email to mombasayc@gmail.com , or phone the Club on 0729 396563 between 2-4pm on any working day & ask to speak to the Stella our Accountant, or the Duty Manager.


It is very satisfying to see our lawns starting to flourish again as the Kusi wind brings us the first rain of the season & our wells start to fill up again.  We intend to make a lot of improvements in the gardens over the next few months to beautify the Club, but to keep them in good condition we need fresh water & we are hoping to get re-connected to the Municipal water supply shortly.  This will supply both the kitchen & the gardens & at the next AGM the outgoing Committee will request your approval to spend shs 750,000/= on a new 20,000 litre underground water storage tank we intend to start building in July, which will enable us to maintain the lawns, gardens & the pool in good condition during the next dry season.


The Club Sailing Dinghy’s are being continuously improved & the number of sailors is gradually increasing & reducing in age, which is very encouraging.  Our thanks to Barry Mitchell, who has donated his Laser Scorcher for use as a Club boat.  It costs members shs 500/= & a non members shs 1,000/= to hire a Club sailing dinghy for a race, plus shs 250/= for rigging, but to encourage the younger Cadet & Student members to sail we are now offering them free sailing providing they rig & de-rig their own Club boat & help Idi (our Head Boatman) de-rig & clean all the other boats after racing.  Please encourage & pay for your children to take sailing lessons from our Sail Trainer Teddy Ndaro (0700 832474), so they can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to participate in racing at the Club for free.  Racing takes place every Wednesday & Saturday for 11 months of the year & it is great exercise & a wonderful character building activity for young boys & girls.

I expect a lot of you are wondering what has happened to our 39 foot Samantha class cruising yacht ‘’KAHAWA’’, kindly donated to the Club by Palle Rune last year.  I can report that after refurbishment of the hull & engine, plus the replacement of the solar panels & batteries last year, we are now in the process of replacing & upgrading the electronic equipment.  We  have also had new sails made locally by Curly Macpherson, who has been a member & Trustee of the Club for many years.   We have purchased an 8 man life raft, plus a new windlass & anchor chain from the UK, which have recently arrived & will soon be fitted.  The aim of all this is to bring the yacht up to a safe standard to carry Club members as passengers for day trips & to pass the Kenya Maritime Authority Safety Survey.  You will be relieved to hear that all the expenses for improving the yacht are being shared between myself & my long suffering very generous friend Martin Nelson.   Simon Clark (a Yacht Master & professional yacht renovator who lives in UK & frequently visits Mombasa) is also kindly donating his time, plus a new wind direction indicator & his expertise to source items in the UK & then fit them for us here.  Most importantly he is teaching me how to sail the yacht safely, which is not nearly as easy as I thought..!!.  In conclusion what we thought was a quick & easy renovation has turned out to be a very challenging & expensive, but most enjoyable project, which we hope to have completed by September this year.   We will then be able to give those members interested in sailing, a safe & truly wonderful experience that really cannot be put into words.  Just ask our Headmaster Peter Wiles, who has been sailing with us…!!.


Download the Quiggin night menu – 17th April 2013.

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