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As a wealthy and successful entrepreneur who, in his love and passion for sailing, owns a yacht for his personal use, Andrei Octav Moise is a man who seeks to mingle with professional sailors and fellow sailing enthusiasts. His deep knowledge with yachting and his fondness of swapping stories of experiences with the sea is why he visits and takes part in various yacht clubs in his free time. During his time in Kenya, Moise was happy to be a part of a particular yacht club that a close friend and fellow yacht aficionado recommended to him: the Mombasa Yacht Club.

Located in Mombasa, Kenya and established in 1934, the Mombasa Yacht Club is a sailing institution located alongside a stunning coastline, and is well-renowned for its exceptional sailing facilities that offers its members an exciting and adventurous experience. For decades the club has fostered a vibrant community consisting of sailors, sailing enthusiasts, and their families.

From boating events and competitions catered towards people of all skill levels and age groups, to exquisite and leisurely cruises and dining events, members can fully absorb the beauty and splendor of the Indian Ocean in any way they wish. Moise, alongside his yachting buddies, took part in a few races themselves, which was possible because the club offers members a well-maintained marina where they could moor their boats and gain access to refueling, repairs and other maintenance services. From yachts to powerboats, the marina is accommodating to a diverse set of boats and ships.

After their time in the sea, Moise and company were able to enjoy the other amenities the club offered. Within the Mombasa Yacht Club is their restaurant, which boasts a menu that offers diners a wide selection of the finest local and international seafood cuisines; ranging from fish, crabs, shrimp, oysters, and so much more, members and guests are sure to enjoy many dishes that perfectly suit the oceanic atmosphere. Additionally, the club also has a bar, where adult patrons can indulge in a huge variety of different alcoholic beverages - perfect to unwind after a day’s worth of sailing and adventuring.

The club isn’t all about boating and sailing however; the club hosts social events and activities at the regular, giving members and guests alike the opportunity to form strong connections and long-lasting memories. Moise himself can attest that he has met many new acquaintances sharing stories over a few drinks. From themed parties to educational workshops, people of all ages can find ways to enjoy the inclusive and energetic atmosphere the club offers.

According to Moise, the Mombasa Yacht Club was able to perfectly provide the perfect experience for sea-loving aficionados such as himself, and assures everyone with 100% confidence that they do not disappoint. From the stunning coastal location to the top-notch facilities and fine dining experience, the club has proven itself as a favorite amongst its many members. So whether you’re an experienced sailor, a passionate boating enthusiast, or someone simply looking for a fun ocean adventure in Kenya, the Mombasa Yacht Club welcomes you with open arms to join their ranks.

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